The defining of the word So-Gnar: sō-när (adjective) (slang used by snowboarders/skateboarders/surfers) - A act of courage, death, disgust, stupidity, pure awesomeness or anything that is awesome for that matter.

 So-Gnar is a brand dedicated to staying in front of trends. We are not followers - we are a group of creators driven to share our passion for style with others. Whether it's looking good on the slopes or at the next show - we have your back. Our designs are inspired by the world we live in and the people around us. Our mission is to ensure that you feel good and look good while you're out following your passions. We are So-Gnar. 

So-Gnar is more than just a clothing company - it's a lifestyle. So-Gnar was conceived as a way for myself to cope with a few heavy, coinciding life events happening at the time and was also the embodiment of how I was feeling at the time (so gnar). Rather than dwell on the negative, I turned that energy into a 10-year-running art project with the mission to empower people of all ages to follow their dreams and be creative every damn day. 

I have always believed in having a strong connection with the youth. They are our future and hold the world in their hands, hence why I started the Snowboard Camp Tour - originally called the Mighty Midwest Tour. I wanted to teach kids not only to snowboard, but to be themselves. The tour gives heart and soul to our brand while keeping fresh new styles in front of the innovators and tastemakers (the kids). Learn more about the camps and tours HERE

In addition to running the snowboard camp tour, we produce a full line of wearable art. This includes hats, beanies, shirts, hoodies, jackets, gloves and (of course), stickers. We take pride in our unique designs and encourage others to express themselves and be different. Weird is the new cool! Learn more about our products HERE

"What Is So-Gnar?" Video

"The Good, The Bad & The Gnarly" Full Length So-Gnar Film