Name: Pat Milbery

Instagram: @patmilbery

Twitter: @patmilbery

Hometown / Born & Raised: St. Paul, Minnesnowta, riding at Buck Hill

Home Hill/Mountain/Neighborhood: I reside in Golden, CO and I love to play at Loveland, Winter Park, Beaver Creek and Crested Butte!

Years Snowboarding/Skating/Creating: Self taught 23 years on snow, creating since my parents created this little monster

Dog or Cat: @adognamedtora

What is your lifestyle outside of Snowboarding/Skate/Art/Music?: Coffee drinking, mural painting, documentary viewing, lots of photo taking, skating with Tora, music festivals with Hunterella and doing my best to develop into a better human each and everyday.

Favorite Place On Earth To Shred or Create?: Pretty much anywhere in the world surrounded by good energy of other humans creating.

Favorite Spray Paint: Kobra

If You Could Travel Anywhere In A Submarine, Where Might It Be?: Atlantis

Green Chile?: You better believe it!

Gnarliest Thing You Have Ever Witnessed Or Seen?: My beautiful mother leaving the planet right in front of my family's eyes, hearts and souls.

Favorite So-Gnar Design/Slogan/Item Of Clothing & Why?: I would say any of the So-Gnar Monsters, they are creative depictions of our friends. Captain Safety and I have created them to place our friends all over world through stickers, wheatpastes and mural art. Some on skates, snowboards and bikes, others on trains, planes and automobiles. Never sure where they may end up!

Top 6 Music Artists Of All Time?: Pennywise, Tame Impala, Outkast, Del The Funky Homosapien, Michal Menert  & Crystal Castles.


Height: Exactly 4 feet below a NBA basketball hoop

Sneaker Size: 9

Greatest flavor of ice cream: Chocolate Banana

White or black socks: One of each please

Fitted hat, snap-back or beanie or no hat: Beanie

Ghettoblaster or headphones: Ghettoblaster

Favorite President: JFK

Beard or Mustache: Beard

Gym membership: The great outdoors

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